Brunswick Layover Facility

Brunswick Layover Facility

Construction Update – June - July 2016

Construction of the Brunswick Layover Facility is well underway since clearing began on October 16th, 2015. Consigli Construction of Portland, Maine is the design-build contractor for the project. Construction is expected to continue through September 2016. Construction activities will typically take place between 7:00am and 7:00pm Monday – Friday. Construction crews will work on Saturdays as needed. 

The construction site has been cleared and a perimeter fence has been installed. A road has been constructed from Church Road, along the northern (Pleasant Street side) boundary of the property. This road is being used as the primary construction entrance for the site, and will eventually serve as a secondary access road for the facility. Once operational, the primary entrance will be Lombard Street.

Construction trailers for the project management team have been established at the east end of the property, just inside the Lombard Street entrance. Since this is an active construction site, access is limited to authorized personnel only. 

The foundation, structural steel, and the roof construction are substantially complete. Installation of exhaust hoods, plumbing vents, lightning strike arresters and rain gutters were installed throughout May.  The building exterior walls have been constructed utilizing Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) to provide high thermal efficiency as well as to mitigate sound.   Metal siding provides the exterior cladding, and is anticipated to be completely installed and trimmed by the end of June.

The water main connection has been completed at Church Road and tested by the Brunswick-Topsham Water District.  The domestic and fire service lines have been installed and are active within the building. The connection to the city sewer system was completed at Lombard Street and extended into the building.  A connection to natural gas was completed at Church Road by Maine Natural Gas, and has been tied into the building as well.

The construction of the stormwater drainage system is well underway, installing catch basins and drain pipes along the north side of the access road. An existing stone box culvert beneath the railroad right-of-way was rehabilitated by slip-lining, and will carry the outflow from the stormwater system. Construction of the wet pond on the east end of the site is complete, and the seeding to provide final vegetated slope stabilization has generated a good catch of grass.  All dewatering of the site has also been completed.

Assembly of the fire suppression sprinkler system, as well as the hanging of ducts and fans for the train bay air exhaust system began mid February, and is essentially complete.  All systems will be fully tested and balanced before any level of occupancy

All below grade utility connections within the admin area have been installed, and placement of the admin area floor slab took place the second week in March.  The interior walls of the admin area have all been framed, electrical and plumbing rough-ins within the walls is complete, and all sheetrock is hung.  Required masonry walls separating the Mechanical, Electrical and Lube Oil Storage rooms within the admin area are also complete.  Interior finishes within the admin area have begun, and are anticipated to be complete by mid July. 

The sanitary and floor drain piping below the Train bay floor is complete, and was completely tested at the end of May.  The placement of concrete floor slabs in the train bay is complete, to include the embedment of structural reinforcing mats within the slabs.  Final placement of concrete for the train bay floor slabs was completed the beginning of June.    

Yard track drainage has been installed on the east end of the facility, and subbase gravel  installed and compacted in anticipation of track assembly on the east end to begin in early June.  The drainage installation within the yard track on the west end will be completed in June.

Questions or concerns about construction activities can be directed to Derek Albert, Project Manager for Consigli Construction, at 207-791-2536 or

A photo gallery of construction progress is being maintained on this site to provide regular updates on progress.



90 Day Outlook of Construction Activities


 June 2016 – July 2016

·        Excavation equipment, including backhoes, loaders, dump trucks and compactors will continue to operate and perform various site activities through this period and beyond. This work will include, but is not limited to the installation of utilities, mitigation of coal ash on the site, digging of the drainage system, roadway construction, track bed construction and backfilling.

·        Earth moving equipment and compactors can cause noticeable vibration, and will be used intermittently throughout the duration of the project.

·        Yard track construction as well as placement of track through the trainbay has begun and will continue through July.

·        Installation of overhead roll up doors into the trainbay and delivery entrances.

·        Assembly and installation of plumbing fixtures, potable and non-potable hose reels and eye wash stations.

·        Painting walls of administrative area and train bay.

·        Window and door trim installation.

·        Telephone/Data installation and final connection.

·        Testing and balancing mechanical equipment.

·        Testing and balancing HVAC.

·        Installation of flooring in administrative area.

·        Final grading of the site prior to paving, to include installation of granite curbing, light pole bases, adjusting catch basin rim elevations as well as placement of loam and seed.


About the Brunswick Layover

The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority (NNEPRA) is constructing a train layover facility at the site of the Brunswick rail yard between Stanwood Street and Church Road in Brunswick to maximize the utility and efficiency of Downeaster service.  Consigli Construction Company is the design/build contractor for the facility. 

The facility, which was designed with significant input and participation from the public, will include a layover building to store and service Amtrak Downeaster passenger trains indoors. The layover building, which will be approximately 655 feet long, 70 feet wide and about 37 feet high, will accommodate the overnight storage of up to three diesel locomotive-powered passenger train sets used for the Downeaster service. It will be equipped with a ventilation system to handle locomotive exhaust and will be heated. Offices, locker rooms, wash rooms and storage facilities will be incorporated in an attachment on the north side of the building.  

A series of three tracks will connect the building to the railroad main line. The building and yard tracks will have a “double-ended” configuration to allow for trains to arrive or depart in either direction. The primary vehicular access to/from the facility will be via Lombard Street. 

Amtrak requires a facility to store, restock and perform daily inspections and routine servicing, such as cleaning and refueling of passenger rail equipment used for Amtrak Downeaster service. These activities are currently performed at a layover facility located in Portland.

The location of this facility at the eastern terminus of Amtrak Downeaster service (Brunswick Station) will reduce unnecessary wear and tear on Amtrak train sets. Train sets will power down inside the facility between runs reducing fuel consumption, emissions, vibration and noise otherwise produced by idling trains. The enclosed facility will provide a safer and more efficient environment for Amtrak and contractors to access and service equipment and will facilitate snow and ice melt off of equipment during the winter.

The Downeaster will start operating an additional daily round-trip between Brunswick and Boston once the Brunswick layover facility is completed late summer 2016.  

The Downeaster will start operating an additional daily round-trip between Brunswick and Boston once the Brunswick layover facility is completed late summer 2016.