FY2020 Tie Replacement Project

Project Overview

Approximately 30 miles of Mainline track between Dover and Plaistow, NH, will benefit from the selective replacement of 15,000 mainline railroad ties and tie plates (including removal and disposal), the addition of 5,000 tons of stone ballast, and final surfacing and alignment.

What to expect in the coming months.

Date Goal
May 2020 Procurement of Materials
June 2020 Begin Construction
July 2020 Estimated Completion

Project Budget

The total project budget is $2,242,970.
Fifty-seven percent of the project is being financed using federal funding sources, with PanAm Railways contributing the remaining 43% match.

Project Schedule

This project was completed July 2020

Crews have constructed over 11,000 track feet of skeletonized track of the approximately 21,000 track feet required. All of the pre-panelized Special Track Work turnout packages manufactured by Unitrac have been delivered to the Project.