Business Opportunities with NNEPRA

NNEPRA and our subcontractors do business with a diverse range of suppliers and vendors from across the country. We continuously welcome new opportunities and inquiries to expand our network, while focusing on maintaining fiscal efficiency and accountability.

Procurement Opportunities & Bids

Below are the current procurement opportunities:

TitleTypePosted DateDue DateQuestion Due DateDownload
22-PNS-OTM&Stick Rail-001RFQ7/9/217/23/217/15/21View RFP
View Addendum #1

Past Procurement Opportunities & Bids

To get additional information on a specific solicitation, click on the link to download.

TitleTypePosted DateDue DateDownloadAward
21-PNS-Cross Ties-003ITB6/25/217/12/21View RFP
View Addendum #1
21-21 Accounting & Audit Services-002RFP3/23/214/16/21View RFP
View Addendum
21-21CP-Timbers-001RFQ3/19/213/31/21View RFQ
View Addendum
20-21CP-Switch Components-009RFQ1/4/211/21/21View RFQ
View Addendum No. 1
View Addendum No. 2
20-21CP-Railseal-008RFQ8/13/208/21/20View RFQ8/25/20
20-21CP-Tie Plates-007RFQ8/13/208/21/20View RFQ8/25/20
20-Landscaping and Mowing Services-006RFQ5/12/205/19/20View RFQ5/26/20
20-ATJ-OTM-004RFQ4/21/204/29/20View RFQ4/30/20
20-RS-Turnout Materials-002RFQ4/14/204/22/20View RFQ5/1/20
20-17CPSwitchStands-001RFQ2/12/202/26/20View RFQ3/2/20
20-PNS-Brush Cutting-008ITB12/16/201/6/2021View ITB
View Addendum
20-21CP-Crossing Support-006ITB8/13/208/27/20View ITB
View Addendum
20-ATJ-Ballast-005ITB4/24/205/4/20View ITB5/5/20
20-ATJ-Cross Ties-003ITB4/17/204/27/20View ITB
View Addendum